Friday, November 9, 2018
8:30 House Keeping
8:40 Plenary IV Scott Brown
Nanomaterials and Emerging Technologies: Perspectives on Policy, Standardization, and Future Needs.
9:20 Plenary V TBD
10:15 Break
10:30 3A Water Treatment I
10:35 Industrial and Consumer Barriers To Bringing Nanomaterial-Enabled Drinking Water Treatment Technologies to Market Justin Kidd
11:00 Disinfection Potency of Silver Nanoparticles can be Enhanced by Harnessing Microwave Radiation Craig Ayres
11:25 Novel use of HIX-Nanotechnology for Enhanced Phosphorus Removal and Recovery in Reuse of Municipal Wastewater Chelsey Shepsko
11:50 Magnetic Graphene Oxide-Nano Zero Valent Iron (GO-nZVI) Nanohybrids Synthesized using Biocompatible Cross-linkers for Contaminant Removal Novin Mehrabi
12:10 Potential Arsenic Desorption from Graphene Oxide-Based Nanohybrid Adsorbent Tonoy K Das
12:30 Lunch
10:30 3B  Ecotoxicology
10:35 Study of the potential environmental and toxicological implications of engineered nanomaterials on terrestrial plants Yuxiong Huang
11:00 A morphological, enzymatic and metabolic approach to elucidate apoptotic-like cell death in fungi exposed to h- and α- molybdenum trioxide nanoparticles Hang N. Nguyen
11:25 Maintenance and expression of organelle information in plants exposed to engineered nanomaterials Luca Pagano
11:50 Assessment of size-dependent gold nanoparticle uptake in Caenorhabditis elegans by mass spectrometry and image analysis techniques Monique Johnson
12:10 Integrated -omics explain the effects on metabolic changes in soybeans harvested after foliar exposure to copper hydroxide nanowires Sanghamitra Majumdar
12:30 Lunch
10:30 3C Agriculture I
10:35 Tuning Size, Charge and Hydrophobicity of ENMs for Delivery into Plants Gregory V Lowry
11:00 Engineered nanomaterials for the suppression of fungal and viral crop disease Jason C. White
11:25 Nano-fertilizers: approach, benefits and possible risks Mariya Khodakovskaya
11:50 A Systems Approach to Design of Nano-Enabled Solutions to Improve Nutrient Use Efficiency Leanne M Gilbertson
12:10 Zein-based polymeric delivery systems with programmed wear down for sustainable agricultural applications. Tímea Kacsó
12:30 Lunch
2:00 4A Water Treatment II
2:05 pH-dependency of MoO3 dissolution and photocatalytic activity Janire Pena-Bahamonde
2:30 A Catalytic Hollow Fiber Membrane Reactor for Water Treatment Kyle Doudrick
2:55 Gypsum Scale Formation on Graphene Oxide Modified Reverse Osmosis Membrane Yandi Hu
3:20 Break
4:10 The effect of TiO2 nanotube morphology on cathodic reduction of Nitrobenzene Amir Ahmadi
4:35 Evaluation of Ovoid Ceramic Water Filters Impregnated with Silver Nanoparticles Zachary Shepard
2:00 4B Life Cycle & Sustainable Manufacture of Nano materials
2:05 Ultraviolet weathering of graphene and graphene oxide/polymer nanocomposites David G. Goodwin Jr.
2:30 Characterizing degradation of engineered nanocomposite materials and quantifying engineered nanomaterial release following natural weathering Ronald S. Lankone
2:55 Biodegradation in the environment of polymer nanocomposites containing carbon-base nanomaterials Debora F. Rodrigues
3:20 Break
4:10 Thermal decomposition/incineration of nano-enabled coatings and effects of nanofiller/matrix properties and operational conditions on byproduct release dynamics: Potential environmental health implications Philip Demokritou
4:35 Comparative life cycle assessment of six titanium dioxide nanoparticle synthesis routes Andrea Hicks
2:00 4C Agriculture II
2:05 Shotgun proteomics deciphers the stress biomarkers in soybeans exposed to copper hydroxide nanoparticles Sanghamitra Majumdar/Arturo Keller
2:30 Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Induce Differential Transcriptomic Responses in the Monocot Arabidopsis thaliana and Dicot Hordeum vulgare Priyanka Deka
2:55 Target-specific Gastro-Intestinal delivery of Nano-Neutr. Kee Woei Ng
3:20 Break
4:10 Cell spreading on zein films mediated by transglutaminase. Graciela Padua
4:35 Nanoparticle influence on bacterial outer membrane vesicles Matthew Potter