No. Title Presenter
1 Scaling Resistance in Nanophotonics-Enabled Solar Membrane Distillation Francois Perreault
2 Interaction of rGO-nZVI Nanohybrids with the Biological Wastewater Treatment Processes Brianna Scharf
3 Effects of graphene oxide on E. coli: insights into the antimicrobial properties and oxidative stress Ana C Barrios
4 Complex metal oxide next-generation battery cathode materials and toxicity towards benthic invertebrate Chironomus riparius: significant impacts on growth and development Becky Curtis
5 Aerosolized Nano-Enabled Cosmetics Elicit Oxidative Stress, Cellular Dysfunction and Genotoxicity in Small Airway Epithelial Cells Kaitlin M. Pearce
6 Predicting Nano-Bio Interactions: Study of pH, Nanoparticle Size/Type, and Ionic Strength Effect on a-Amino Acid Adsorption on Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Irem B. Ustunol
7 Study of toxicity of Ceria Nanoparticles on an in-vitro alveolo-capillary barrier Lakshmi Beeravalli
8 The role of pH on Heteroaggregation of 2-D MoS2 and Kaolinite Stetson Rowless III and Craig Ayres
9 Comparison of toxicity of DHLA, TOPO, and oleic-acid coated quantum dots and their ligands in the nematode C. elegans Nicholas Niemuth
10 Protective osmolyte coronal layers to enhance nanoparticle bioavailability and activity Anthony Cartwright
11 Manganese oxide nanoparticles alleviate salt stress in Capsicum annuum seedlings: a spectroscopy and gene expression approach Yuqing Ye
12 CuO nanoparticle influence on wheat photosynthetic efficiency during simulated drought Matthew Potter
13 Novel Nanostructured Thermoplastic Poly (amic) Acid Membranes Ezer Castillo
14 Microwave Synthesis of Highly Emitting CdTe Quantum Dots Meghan Dands
15 3D Nanoparticle assembled anode material for sustainable high capacity li-ion batteries
16 Characterization of an aerosol generation system to assess the impact of nano-enabled consumer product exposures on pulmonary health Christa Watson-Wright
17 Fabrication of nanocrystals of celecoxib by using top down approach for enhancement of water solubility Ajit Singh
18 Cytotoxicity Studies of Phosphorylated and Sulfonated Flaonoid-derived nanoparticles Simon Waihenya
19 3D Nanoparticle assembled anode material for sustainable high capacity li-ion batteries Mohammas S. Saleh
20 Development of a real-time information and monitoring system to support the risk assessment of nanomaterials under REACH Neil Hunt
21 Electrochemical Impedance Analysis of E. coli in Response to Physico-chemical Stressors Justine Gordon
22 Objective Pain Analysis using Nanostructured Biosensors Rishana Ubah
23 Development of Low-Cost Silver and Copper Nanoparticle Syntheses for In-Country Manufacturing and Application on Ceramic Water Filters Zachary Shepard
24 Cu3P nanowires low-voltage electroporation-inactivation of pathogens in water Xing Xie